ISRO Making Record

ISRO Making Record

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ISRO launching 103 satellites in one rocket in next month february.

In the first week of February, ISRO creating a unprecedented feat.

All the world looking and waiting for this movement, ISRO braking his own record of this launch.

Recently ISRO planned to launching the 83 satellites in January.

But launching of these 83 satellites postponed on February by adding 20 more satellites from foreign.

The satellites from the countries like USA, Israel, Germany, Kazakhastan, Netherlands,France and Switzerland.

Most of all the satellites are using for the apication of commercial purpose.

In this mission the satellites launched by the countries are not disclosed.

Indian satellites are INS-1A and INS-1B (each of the weight having 30 kg) and Cartosat-2 weight of primary payload is 730 kg, in this most of the satellites are micro satellites.

Highest no of satellites launched in the single mission is currently held Russia launched 37 satellites in 2014.

The US, NASA Space agency had launched  29 satellites.

Now this is a major achievement in Indian space history since ever attempted other country launch of this much of scale before.

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