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Derailed of Harakhand Express

Jagdalpur_bhuvaneswar express accident.

23 peoples are killed and 100 are injured after derailment of Harakhand express Derailed in vijaya Nagar am district of andhrapradesh.

The incident was happened around 11 pm yesterday  when the train was on the way to Bhubaneswar from Jagdalpur.

The 18448 Jagdalpur_bhuvaneswar express Derailed near kuneru station seven coaches and engine are derailed, 2 general coaches, 2 Sleeper coaches, 1 actors three tire and 1 accessories two tire coach are derailed.

The injured peoples are taking on mobile to the hospital at prbatipuram and Raya gadu also a the team of doctors reached the spot both the districts are taking active part in rescue operations said Mr.  Mishra

These situation personally monitored by the railway Minister suresh prabhu, and he directed to higher officials reaching the site immediately and taking action relief operations the train had 22 coaches.

Following are the help line numbers

Rayagada: BSNL land line number:06856-223400,06856-223500 BSNL mobiles:09439741181,09439741071,AIRTEL 07681878777

Vizianagaram, Railways numbers.:
83331,83332,83333 BSNL land line:08922-221202
Mobile number:08500358610

Visakhapatnam railways number:
83003,830005,83006 BSNL land line number:0891-2746344

Kurda control:0674 2490670
Bhubaneswar station:06742543360
Behrampur station:06802229632

Friday, 20 January 2017

ISRO Making Record

ISRO launching 103 satellites in one rocket in next month february.

In the first week of February, ISRO creating a unprecedented feat.

All the world looking and waiting for this movement, ISRO braking his own record of this launch.

Recently ISRO planned to launching the 83 satellites in January.

But launching of these 83 satellites postponed on February by adding 20 more satellites from foreign.

The satellites from the countries like USA, Israel, Germany, Kazakhastan, Netherlands,France and Switzerland.

Most of all the satellites are using for the apication of commercial purpose.

In this mission the satellites launched by the countries are not disclosed.

Indian satellites are INS-1A and INS-1B (each of the weight having 30 kg) and Cartosat-2 weight of primary payload is 730 kg, in this most of the satellites are micro satellites.

Highest no of satellites launched in the single mission is currently held Russia launched 37 satellites in 2014.

The US, NASA Space agency had launched  29 satellites.

Now this is a major achievement in Indian space history since ever attempted other country launch of this much of scale before.

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