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Technology increasing day by day with Google maps

Technology increasing day by day with Google maps

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Olden days:
In olden days peoples are going some where area they actually don't know the address by that time that situation the peoples are asking to other persons actually known persons below image shown
this is the way to go one place to other place

Now a days technology has increased day by day with every thing by using Google maps now a days we don't know any address we will simply find out the address by using google maps by opening google maps app in smart phone and type the Source and Destination address and get the navigation icon on the screen it will show the route of your address below image shows the example.
Route with Source and Destination

After clicking the icon navigation button it will guide you how much time to reach your destination below image shows the navigation of the address and it will give the how much km also shows in the map and give the directions also
Navigation Image

By these not only stopped hear the technology it will opens the gate for Driver less cars, Self driving below images shows the self driving cars.
These are also works or commanded by the direction controlled by one and only Google 

We hope increase technology more and more but it it not harmful to the human and other living things because Life is more value than the Technology 

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