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By 2020 Increasing more app's

By 2020 Increasing more app's

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APPS Formally known as the world is abbreviated as applications, applications are mainly used for our work to do or complete with out physical performance

Application is a software it is used to design a specific function directly for the user.

Now a days even children's are also know what is app and what it is for use, in olden days their is no more facility of this much of apps in 2020 this usage of apps will increase more of mobile applications as well as desktop applications why because mobile usage also increased and every ones used to like everything doing in online only by ordering food, shopping, movie ticket bookings, travel tickets booking, home etc...
For this simple use of end user the applications are also developed separately for individual categories it will increases the applications count.  
For increasing the more apps every coin has a two faces head and tail like the way these apps are also having the genuine apps and fake apps the fake apps having the problem to hake the user data to take away of that fake applications.

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