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Removing White Heads in your face

Removing White Heads in your face

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For removing white heads in your face Charcoal mask is the best remedy for all types of skins with their is no side effects.

Shows the below face with charcoal mask 

Preparation of Charcoal mask:

1.Charcoal powder
2. liquid gel or facial face mask creams
3. bowel

Take charcoal powder in a bowel and mix with the liquid gel properly after that apply that past in to your face smoothly to cover entire your face like that above given image, after that wait for 15 to 20 mins it seams to be tight of your face.Then pull off mask slowly from your face until total mask will removes  after clean your face with rose water it will give relax to your face.

This is the process to remove white heads from your face with no side effects

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